Buy Honey

We currently have honey from the Summer 2018 harvest. Honey never goes bad if stored properly, so freshness is not an issue. Our Spring and Summer honey tends to be light in color and a bit more floral than anything we might get in early fall. If you are interested in buying honey please send us a quick email here.

In addition to our raw local honey, we also spent some time making some excellent creamed honeys. Now, “creamed” honey is not honey with cream, or anything like that. It is micro-crystallized honey that makes a great sandwich spread (with peanut butter!), a tasty topping for your yogurt or ice cream, or it can be used for any number of other tasty ideas. How about wound care? Our creamed honey is a great dressing for all those scratches and cuts. Or, what about using it a mask for your face? A facial never tasted so good!

Mey really got inventive and created some Citrus Creamed Honey, which has been very popular (call ahead, it goes fast), as well as Cinnamon Creamed Honey, which is great!

We sell our honey out of our home, and we typically deliver if you’re in our zip code (75072). Check our Facebook page for latest posts for time and availability.